Birthstones Jewelry

How well do you know your birthstones? You may have heard a thing or two about birthstones but there is no disputing the assertion that jewelries fabricated with gemstones are the most ideal when the goal is to leave a lasting impression. Their classical aesthetic appeal and longevity make them the best choice for family heirloom. If you’re a collector of only the finest birthstone jewelries - which includes a collection of the purest gold and silver rings and pendants - HomeBello has got you covered on that front. Birthstones jewelry have a certain poetic meaning and affect some kind of emotional sentiment. They’re wonderful pieces of extraordinary craftsmanship and expertise. One look at a birthstone jewel and you’re utterly hooked on the astonishing amount of detail that was put into the creation of such an exquisite piece of art. Because that’s what it is; art, at its finest. Shop by your birthstone's month: APRIL ZIRCON CLEAR (82) AUGUST PERIDOT (55) DECEMBER BLUE (22) FEBRUARY AMETHYST (57) JANUARY GARNET (79) JULY RUBY (60) JUNE ALEXANDRITE (24) MARCH AQUAMARINE (62) MAY EMERALD (57) NOVEMBER CITRINE (55) OCTOBER PINK (51) SEPTEMBER SAPHIRE (82)