Why Nambe Bowls and Home Decor Are So Popular and How to Clean Your Nambe Pieces

Nambe is a brand name associated with modern, unique pieces. Nambe has a goal: To bring a unique twist to gifts and home decor.

Nambe has applied a different approach in putting a modern spin on kitchen wares.

At Nambe, they have gone further to combine our unique designs with functionality.

A kitchen takes on a new look and feel when Nambeis in it.

Nambe pieces are perfect for home use and as gifts.

Nambe products are designed with specialized alloy. This specialised alloy is used for every core signature product. The flatware, cookware and decorative accessories designed by Nambe are unique pieces. To clean a Nambe bowl its the best to use Nambe original alloy cleaner available at here.

Nambe products are legacy products. They can be passed on from one generation to another. Every single Nambe piece is designed to last a lifetime. As Nambe products age, they retain their shine, their beauty and their design.

Nambe desires that every home is filled with unique pieces. These pieces are designed to last long. Every Nambe piece adds value and touch to the home.

The Nambe home decor product range boasts of a wide range of decor pieces. They are special pieces guaranteed to make visitors take a second look.

Shop anyone of these home decor pieces: unique picture frames, including elbow picture frames and matte frames. Varieties of little animal home ornaments to grace the shelves. Decorative copper bowls and vases. Lettered ornaments and nativity scene ornaments.

A kitchen filled with Nambe kitchenware is a world of beautiful pieces. Nambe takes basic kitchenware and creates something breath-taking. Some Nambe kitchenware include: skye tea cup, the pedestal cake plate, wooden salad bowls in sets and single. The unique Kyoto teapot, the hava cookie jar and the sway mug tree adds a Nambe twist to “Tea time”.

The forte salt and pepper shaker is perfect for a minimalist decor.

Nambe has a variety of beautiful luxury pieces. They are available in sets to add a Nambe touch to your gathering.

The Nara ice bucket with scoop is ideal for a rustic feel.

The tilt wine chiller will go exceptionally well with the vie pinot grigio wine glasses, the vie champagne flute, chardonnay glades, or the cabernet glasses.

Nambe glassware are available in a variety of wine glasses, pitchers, cake plates ,platters, vases, gravy bowls and salad bowls.

Nambe has produced forte designed home products that are a combination of alloy and concrete. Forte design is available in salt and pepper shakers, ice bucket, candlesticks, bowls, paper towel holders, condiment bowls, wine chiller, and coasters.

Whether you prefer wooden kitchen wares like the swoop cheese board or you prefer glass, or alloy or concrete, Nambe has it all.

All of Nambe products are carefully designed by designers who are passionate. About unique creations.