How to choose the perfect Stemware to serve wine or that glass of whiskey!

Have you ever sat at a table and adored the kind of glassware set on it and the presentation of the entire table? You too can have a similar kind of appeal to your table with exceptional glassware, to add an oomph to your table setting. Glassware has two broad categories, barware and stemware. While barware includes the regular use solid, flat-based gasses, stemware covers all sorts of long glasses with a stem. Stemware glasses typically have a long stem between the drinking bowl and the base. It gives off an elegant and classy look whenever it is held by anyone. Wouldn’t you want to have that in your dinner set and make everyone swoon over your variety of stemware? While the basic model of the stemware glasses remains the same, the design, colour and shape may differ from one another. Depending on your preference, you may like different types of stemware. HomeBello brings you a wide collection of stemware glasses that you can choose from. Each of them are distinctly shaped and would make a great complement to your dinnerware.

HomeBello has a beautiful collection of long-stem glasses that make the perfect addition to your stemware. With a variety of many colours available, you can choose whichever one that matched with your decoration and the outlook of your dining area. Our stemware has a brilliant, crystallised pattern and has the perfect space to ensure a good grip on the glass. It’s mainly used for drinking red wine but it is not restrictive to use. It is a formal and beautiful addition to your table.

The formal stemware is one of the most commonly found across the world. It has a classic look to it and you have probably seen these in many hotels and restaurants as well. With a long stem and deep bowl, formal stemware is excellent glassware to drink your iced beverages in. It features a clear, see-through look with no pattern.

Moving on to something that is a bit more towards the exclusive side, our luxury stemware features a gold plate stem that has intricate detailing. The stem has hints of champagne, underneath the gold carvings. The stemware holds a beautiful round bowl on top of stem. It eludes a glamorous look and can be used for lavish and formal dinners.

Our casual stemware is has the classic look glasses but with a unique touch of modern to it. The bowl atop the long glass stem is a box-type look at the bottom. It is a crystal clear glass with 11-inch height. It is sure to be a great addition to your glassware!

While these are only some of the stemware out of the many that are available on our stemware department, we have a wide variety of stemware for you! With no exceptions to the quality of the stemware we provide, HomeBello ensures that you are going to experience a great time using the stemware we provide! Not only are they a great addition to your dinnerware, but they also give a beautiful look!