HomeBello carries an extensive collection of gold, silver and jeweled napkin rings

No matter if you are gathering with some of your friends for some formal feast or just spending good time with your family, setting out cloth napkins that are creatively bunched with some napkin rings is a simple yet creative way to make an occasion feel even more special. Check our silver and gold napkin rings. Our elegant napkin holders and jewels are plated in 24 karat gold and some of them are plated with platinum and they all have authentic Swarovski crystals on them. When you buy one, it will come nicely packed in a cute box and you can be sure of buying one as a gift to your loved ones. For every cart you can be sure of saving up to 5 percent and get free shipping if you purchase items that amounts up to 99 dollars. Our cute napkin rings coated with gold are exactly what you need to make your event look more special they have authentic Swarovski crystals on them. They also come nicely boxed and can be bought as a gift or you can buy one for your event.

All of our napkin rings come at a very affordable prices of just a few dollars and considering the quality our prices are more than a bargain. If you use the coupon code: GIMME5 while buying these rings, you can be sure of getting 5 percent off. Shipping of these rings is free since it is more than 99 dollars. No competitor can match the elegance of these rings and you can be sure of getting lowest prices from our napkin rings collection. Some of our Napkin rings are Plated with 24 karat platinum and Swarovski authenticated crystals on them, these napkin rings are elegant and they come at a higher price for each and once you order one it will be delivered free. All the napkin holders comes nicely boxed and this one is no different and you can be sure it will make the perfect gift to your friends or loved ones. The shipping is done very fast and free for that matter if the items cost you more than 99 dollars. You’ll be paying through American express, visa, discover, PayPal, and MasterCard.

Our favorite is L’objet platinum gold crystal napkin rings which come with a 1 by 1 inch- 3 by 3 cm L’objet place card and holders pave sphere platinum white crystals. These napkin holders are very cute and they might sound expensive as they are but we can guarantee that they are definitely worth it. We also we carry some magnificent napkin holders which are plated with 24 karat gold and to make it even cuter, it is decorated with Swarovski crystals. It is probably one of the cutest napkin holder in the market right now and for a price of $195 dollars you can be sure you are getting the true value of your money.