Bordallo Pinheiro Dinnerware and Giftware History!

When you’re considering what type of dinnerware and accessories to choose for your home, ideally you want something that looks amazing, compliments the décor and is of supremely high quality. Now, many of those factors are down to the particular brand. Take Bordallo Pinheiro for example – they’ve been manufacturing ceramics for well over a century, and that highlights their consistency, popularity and commitment.

But, let’s delve into some information one of the men behind the brand. Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro was a very keen artist, and during his time, many of his pieces were considered as the ‘work of a genius’. However, this wasn’t from the general public, or critics; the positive reviews were actually from other outstanding artists, some of which were his competition.

Although, in 1884 he evolved his love of art to start producing artistic ceramics at the Fabrica de Faiancas in Caldas, Portugal. He fully immersed himself into industry, and from the very start he was creating things such as pots, table centrepieces, vases, plates, fountain basins and pitchers. All of this work eventually paid off, not only in terms of custom, but he also received a gold medal in international exhibitions.

On the other side of the brand you had his brother, Feliciano Bordallo Pinheiro. While Raphael was in charge of the creative aspect, Feliciano was responsible for the day to day running of the business. Both of them focused on creating a long-lasting legacy for years to come by creating ceramic pieces that were unrivalled within the industry.

The work of the Fabrica de Faiancas das Caldas quickly became renowned worldwide, and that’s because they continuously forged fantastic impressions, and subsequently a solid reputation. That reputation was founded on unique, bold designs that would enhance any room that they were put in. Now, once the brothers had sadly passed away, it was down to Manuel Gustavo Bordallo Pinheiro to maintain the rise and acknowledge his father’s talent.

So, following on from Manuel’s death in 1920, it was questioned whether Bordallo Pinheiro had come to the end of the road. However, Caldas locals took over, kept pushing forward, and sold it to Grupo Visabeira in 2008 with the agreement that the ceramics would retain the originality that was established all of those decades ago.

Nowadays, you’ll still be able to source incredible Bordallo Pinheiro products that possess the same creativity, luxury and precision that Raphael was so famous for. Whether it’s a set of plates or a lovely vase to decorate your home, you can rest assured that you’re buying into the Bordallo Pinheiro brand, and not just another mainstream ceramic that you could find anywhere else.

Ultimately, the identity that this prestigious ceramic manufacturer has formed since 1884 still exists today. But, it has been able to combine the techniques passed down from generations with advanced production to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. All in all, if you’re searching for some dinnerware, or accessories that are full of character, then you can’t go wrong with Bordallo Pinheiro.