A beautiful anklet can make all the difference in how that cute dress stands out! Time to Anklet-Up!

Instead of walking around with your left-bare feet, feeling empty and having nothing to complement the silver or golden designs on your saree-like dresses perhaps, anklets help you stay in the game, especially if necklaces and bracelets are either not in the list of chains you fancy or not in sync with the kind of outfit you are rocking. Ever walked around by a beach and have people look down and admire the nice piece of jewelry around your ankle? That is how trendy and state-of-the-art anklets are.

When it comes to anklets, style, shinning and standing out of the crowd, anklets s are the best symbols. Amon many others, this is the most prominent reason why Home Bello’ catalog is equipped with the most contemporary designs that will leave you short of choices. Whatever your skin color, dress sense or utmost stylish preference may be, we have varieties of anklet option for your t choose from. Our products are plain, ornamental, durable, affordable and equipped with everything else what you make you literally “stand” out from the crows without getting “cold feet.”

All anklets we put on sale at Home Bello’s catalog have been handpicked by the seasoned jewelers in the planet to meet the all-around needs of men and women alike who are very much intentional about trend and utterly concerned about their outward appearances in the commonplace. Embellishing you with an attractiveness that certainly no other can accord you equally, Home Bello’s anklets lets you glow and vibe with style, confidence and of course, the fashion pride which seems to be the hot potato nowadays-more like eating your cake and having it. If you are in the thinking or anticipation of the incredible anklet we have stocked for you in our catalog, here is a but a tip of the iceberg of what we have in our shiny, glittery coffers.

●9 Inch Boat and Anchor & Extension Anklet Sterling Silver Polished.

●Double Strand Heart Anklet 9 Inch 14K White Gold.

●Triple Strand Anklet 9 Inch 14K Two-Tone Gold.

●9 Inch Palm Tree Anklet Sterling Silver.

●Fancy Chain Anklet 10.5 Inch Sterling Silver.

●9 Inch Polished Anklet Sterling Silver.

●9 Inch Puffed Heart Anklet Sterling Silver Polished.

●Polished Double Strand Anklet with 1 Inch Extension- 14K Gold Two-tone.

●Rope with Heart Anklet 10 Inch 14K White Gold.

●9in with 1in Ext Anklet 10 Inch 14K Gold.

●Adjustable Polished Puffed Heart & Key Anklet 10 Inch 14K White Gold.

With Home Bello, every kind of function, design, weight in gold or silver purity is available in anklets at the tap.