Fire and Light

Fire and Light Small Tumbler 12 oz.

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Fire and Light Small Tumbler 12 oz. Available Colors: Aqua, Cobalt Blue, Celery, Citrus, Copper, Lavender, Olive, Plum, Twilight.
Hand-made in USA. Fire & Light Originals has a noteworthy heritage, formed in 1995 as a partnership between the Arcata Community Recycling Center in Humboldt County, California, and a group of local investors who wanted to develop an innovative plan for using crushed, recycled glass. Our founders decided to turn their recycled glass into a raw material, manufacturing distinctive products for sale in and out of the immediate area. After careful consideration, the group decided upon a distinctive line of colored glass dinnerware which would be created by melting crushed glass in furnaces, adding pigment, and pressing the molten glass into bowls, plates, and glasses. In December, 1995, the first glass products were poured and pressed from the Fire & Light furnaces, and the world became a bit more luminous, slightly more colorful.
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1 Review

Gourmet Gal 22nd Sep 2017

Nice Glasses, Handmade Quality

Added to my collection of these fun glasses. Great size for everyday. Only issue is that being hand crafted each one is a little different. Some have a few bubbles, some vary in thickness. I received one in this order that was not level on the top lip at all. It has a very slanted appearance.

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