Why is Arte Italica so popular?

HomeBello is your number one online store for quality, authentic  Arte Italica Italian ceramics at affordable prices from Tuscan to Tesoro and Giorgio Barware.  Arte Italica Italian ceramics and pottery are hand-crafted and hand-painted by artisans throughout Italy. Arte Italica introduced the popular Tuscan Collection in 1999. Never before produced, Arte Italica also created a collection where handles and pewter rims were added to Italian Ceramic. Bringing a brand new look and an entirely new design to the market, Tuscan exploded onto the marketplace!

Their ceramics, pottery and Italian dinnerware are primarily imported from the Umbria and Tuscany regions in Italy. Most of their Italian dinnerware are from Deruta, Italy. Deruta is one of the most famous towns in Italy known for its dazzling and colorful renaissance inspired ceramics.

Ceramics played a prominent role in forming Arte Italica. Their successful Pompeii Garden Series, Medici Collection, and other patterns like Chianti, Amorini, and Natale are outstanding. They paved the way for a novel feel and look at Arte Italica, giving standard Italian colors and painting a vintage and more neutral feel. All of Arte Italica’s Italian ceramics, Deruta ceramics, and Tuscan ceramics have met FDA standards and have been tested and approved for safe use.

Are you entertaining guests? Enhance your presentation by brightening your dinner table settings with Arte Italica’s beautiful Italian dinnerware. They have some wonderful Italian ceramic products such as antipasto and appetizer plates, pasta bowls, serving plates and trays and sets perfect for displaying your homemade appetizers, course meals, and beautiful dishes.

Looking for a wedding or birthday gift? Many of the Italian ceramic and pottery that Arte Italica offers are ideal for gift giving. Shop at Arte Italica for ceramic products that stand the test of time!

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