The glorifying history of this exclusive brand runs to the late 80’s when Donna and Samuel Smith toured in Portuguese in search for high quality ceramics. As a result the classy Casafina dinnerware brand was born. Even at present, each ceramic and glass item is hand painted by skilled artisans in Italy and Portugal. We assure that our store offers you the best Casafina products for an unbeatable price. Browse through the rich collection to pick the best while stocks last. Start your day with refreshing colours and beauty. The warm bathroom collections by Casafina have the power to soften the tension and rejuvenate the mind with the alluring paintings of soft designs. Choose your favorite collections from our Blue Lattice, Spring Flowers, Caosta Nova and French twist to suite your taste. Casafina stemware comes to your hand with a touch of traditional elegance. The alluring Drinkware Collection and Galo set of 6 wine glasses would definitely steal your heart in one simple glance. Invest your money in a set of glasses that would serve you a lifetime.


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Casafina Impressions
Price: $27.99 to $103.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Costa Nova
Price: $22.99 to $47.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Madeira Harvest
Price: $21.99 to $119.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Blue Lattice
Price: $23.99 to $54.99
Casafina Meridian
Price: $31.99 to $143.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Spring Flowers
Price: $23.99 to $54.99
Casafina Vintage Port
Price: $25.99 to $123.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Limoncello
Price: $54.99 to $279.99
Casafina Farmers Market
Price: $29.99 to $34.99
Casafina Alentejo Terracotta
Price: $12.99 to $169.99
Casafina Arabesque
Price: $31.99 to $189.99
Casafina Autumn Waves
Price: $27.99 to $99.99
Casafina Barnyard Collection
Price: $47.99 to $87.99
Casafina Drinkware Collection
Price: $19.99 to $143.99
Casafina French Twist
Price: $23.99 to $54.99
Casafina Les Enfants
Price: $44.99 to $149.99
Available Colors:
Casafina Raviers
Price: $35.99